Get Involved in Creation Ministry!

I (Brian) have just written a post for AOI’s blog about my vision and goals and motivation for our work in Creation Ministry. Check it out for a clearer explanation.

Below I have put together a considerable checklist on how to get involved in Creation ministries. Within the checklist are helpful explanations and resources. Please contact me and I would love to help you set up your own Creation ministry!


Do you want to make a difference and make an impact in the world? How do you do that?

Checklist to get involved in Creation Ministries

1.       Pray

-What are your interests – God has given you and will give you desires?

-Ask God what He wants you to do.

2.       Connect to a Group

-Join the Facebook Group: Amateur Creation Speakers to get plugged in with others involved in the ministry that have a desire to do the same things that you what to do.

-Tell me what your interests are, if you have experience in anything, what ideas you have. My ministry is to help your ministry. I want to help you!

-Examples: Video filming/editing/directing, website design, writing, music, art, public speaking, astronomy, biology, meteorology, entomology, sewing, acting, language and translation, etc…

-We might have a project that you can help with or we might even be able to help with your project!!!

-My Contacts: BrianandAimee Bam on facebook or email me at

-This is just like the body of Christ coming together and working together in the different ways. 1 Cor 12:12 For even as the body is one and yet has many members, and all the members of the body, though they are many, are one body, so also is Christ. 13 For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit.

-Make a group list of connections of people in your group or area with contacts.

-Especially find ONE friend that you are connected with to be like an accountability partner or contact me (above) and I will help and maybe even find a partner that can help you in your local area.

-Make a Facebook Group for you and any friends, family, or people at your school or church

-This is a group that you could have bible studies with or have meetings with or have conferences with or have a vbs with.

-Tell me so I can connect with you and help you!

3.       Read and Learn:

-Use the Creation Search Engine on to Read Resources from:

-Start off with The New Answers Book 1 from, which I believe can be found completely digital on their website at:

-Downloadable Creation Powerpoints:

-Online Books:

-Youtube Topics – it is simple, entertaining, and easy.

4.       Know the Heart of the Matter:

-Sharing Creation evidence will NOT be enough. Know the theological implications of the debate of Creation and Evolution.

-The Theory of Evolution ruins or voids a Biblical view of Jesus.

-The issue is really about Biblical Authority (Did God really say…? (Gen 3))

-Creation and Evolution are both faiths that use science. The struggle is NOT over the evidence, but how to interpret that evidence.

-For more info (and especially read the section “Evolution as Theory and Fact” at the bottom of the page:

5. Study Evangelism: (refer to #6 as well for talking to people)

-Study the Evangelistic approach of Way of the Master

-Our creation evidence should help strengthen the believer’s faith and give confidence to non-believers to put their faith in God. This is planting seeds. But people will NEVER stop arguing about evidence, so a true change may need this evangelistic approach. Knowing the Way of the Master will help in guiding a person to that saving faith.

-Yes, this is bold and hard to do, but let’s keep in mind that we cannot, I repeat, WE CANNOT argue anyone into belief in Jesus – God has to open up their hearts. So creation evidence is awesome and great, but possibly the most effective evangelistic tool is still bringing it back to the Law (commandments), offending them (Holy Spirit’s convicting them), and then clearly explain the wonderful gospel message.

-Are you a good person?

-Have you ever lied/stolen/lusted/etc?

-What does that make you?

-Are you guilty or innocent?

-Jesus took your place and died for you, while we were yet sinners. If you will believe in Him, you will have everlasting life.


6. Answer Youtube comments or engage the virtual community

-The more experience you have debating, the better you will be.


-LOVE them, they are deceived. Combat and arguments will only harden them more to the truth. Be a Peacemaker.

-Think about what is most important to respond to in their comment –> Get to the Heart of the Matter.

-Don’t focus on small mistakes or small bad arguments.


-Ask Questions

-Don’t Mock or belittle their points – even encourage their good points.

-It’s okay (and good) to say “I don’t know. I will research that and get back to you.”

-Even flip questions or comments back on them and ask them to do the research.

-If you find something, post that link for them to read or watch.

7. Start Writing or Using other Talents

-Write notes or reflections or articles about creation based topics that you will be able to share at least virtually with other friends.

-Start small doing short paragraphs to share with family and friends.

-Keep it short and interesting – in our culture, we are all ADD and do not want to read a lot.

                            -Write a Creation Nugget for

-If writing interests you or if you are like me and something is soooo important that it needs to be heard – then write a book!

-Why not? Don’t doubt that you can do it. How do you eat an elephant? – One bite at a time.

-If Translating is your ability and gift to serve – do it! If Sewing – do it! If Art – do it!

8. Do Short Videos:

-Record SHORT videos for youtube – fast (no longer than 2 minute videos)

-Keep it short and interesting. (Remember the ADD!)

-Be careful what you say and how you say it, because people will use your words against you and take your words in the wrong context.

-Make them interesting, exciting, something that you would be interested in watching and that you would finish watching.

-Since they are short videos, show your research in the description.

9. Make Powerpoints or other Presentations

-Why Creation is so Important (Relevance Talk)

-Or Dinosaurs, Geology, Biology, Astronomy, Animals, Ancient Man, etc…

-Resources that you can use are:             -including the “tools for teaching” link.

-Other presentations or demonstrations that you could do are:

-a science demonstration

-a sewing workshop

-an art show

-an animal demonstration


10. Do your presentation

-For your Youth Group or Small Group

-Make a Small Group or Bible Study Group to do these for

-For your Church

-Do a VBS including Lessons like:

-Creation vs. Evolution




-Origin of Man – Connect to Gospel



-VBS kit from


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  1. Sorry about the goofy formatting. WordPress doesn’t do well for outlines. A file of this expanded checklist can be found at:

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